Going solo

I’ve wanted to return to being an independant designer for quite some time now. I just love it - the freedom, the variety and yes, the pressure. The past few weeks have been focussed on setting up the business and finally doing those personal projects I never got round to actually doing (said every designer, ever).

One of those projects was the studio logo, pictured above. I know what you’re thinking - err, it breaks every rule of Logo Design 101. Yes, yes it does. And that’s why I like it.

But what’s more interesting is that it was created with Midjourney using the prompt: /imagine: craft a black and white logo for a creative studio called G.L. Dunt.

And that’s what it generated.
In 4 seconds.

So keeping with the Generative AI theme, I decided to ask ChatGPT to “tell me the top 3 benefits about going freelance as a designer in 2023” and this is what is came back with: 

“Being an independent designer can offer numerous benefits, but the top three often cited by professionals in the field are:

01: Creative freedom
Independent designers have the autonomy to choose their projects and clients, allowing them to work on projects that align with their creative vision and passion. This freedom enables them to explore their creativity and develop a unique design style without the constraints of corporate or agency guidelines.

02: Flexibility and work-life balance
Independent designers have greater control over their work schedules, which can lead to improved work-life balance. They can choose when and where to work, making it easier to accommodate personal commitments and maintain a flexible lifestyle. This flexibility can reduce stress and improve overall job satisfaction.

03: Direct client relationships and ownership
Independent designers often have direct communication with their clients, fostering stronger relationships and clearer project understanding. They can build a personal brand and reputation, leading to repeat business and referrals. Additionally, they retain ownership of their work and can negotiate favorable terms for intellectual property rights and compensation.”

I can’t say I disagree with any of that to be honest. So from this moment forth I’ll be designing, writing and sharing more. Finally, I’m always keen to connect with new designers, collaborators and clients so drop me a line if you want to chat. ︎