Artist Statement
Inspired by the World War II innovation of dazzle camouflage, a holistic method of transforming the visual perception of objects by introducing bold angular patterns to their surface, I seek to reimagine our surroundings through
large-scale interventions to interior
and exterior environments.

My work blends 20th-century op art and brutalism with contemporary graphic design and treads between the perfection of geometry, mischief of subversion, and joyful energy of free expression.

I work in collaboration with brands and organisations. This is often through supergraphic architectural interventions, painted murals, and immersive installations but also extends to individual artworks and exhibitions.

Based in Brighton UK, working globally. I am a visual artist who creates context-driven contempory art for organisations, creative agencies and private clients.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Nike, Adidas, Boxpark, WeWork, Reebok, Urban Outfitters, The North Face.

Instagram: @gdunt.artist
07921 929 394